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Do you think Ignorance is Bliss? Think Again. Shining The Spotlight On A Different Topic

The quote ‘Ignorance is bliss’ is a saying I wholeheartedly disagree with. It can be an escape from the harsh reality for those who are privileged enough to close their eyes to the cruel consequences. However, young girls and women forced to undergo the harmful procedure(s) of FGM are quite the opposite.

Female Genital Mutilation, also known as FGM, is a ritual comprising all procedures that involve altering or injuring the female genitalia for non-medical reasons.

According to UNICEF, at least 200 million girls and women have been subjected to FGM, and these are the rates of the limited media available. The outcome of the said process has proved to be nothing but horrendous, with short-term complications including severe pain, excessive bleeding, infections, and life-long damage to sexual, reproductive health, and mental well-being.

Prominent anti-FGM campaigner, Leyla Hussein’s experience, proves the torment to be so deeply ingrained and shows the intensity of the oppression. She apprises that her father’s side of the family didn’t practice FGM, and they kept it a big secret due to the risk of being stigmatized. Furthermore, the statistics demonstrate that in some countries, young girls are volunteering to help relieve suffering. For instance, in Somalia, only 19 percent of the girls between the ages of 15-19 think that FGM should end, meaning the majority is in favor of the practice.

Though female genital mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of health, integrity, and human rights, why is it still so highly spread? Although it threatens the well-being of millions of girls, though there is no benefit and only harm, why is it immensely supported not only by men but also by the girls themselves?

The answer is simple: ignorance. It's not quite literally bliss.

Girls and children are looking forward to getting such agony over and done at the risk of their lives just not to be reduced to unclean humans and incompetent wives. The lack of education is to blame. FGM is to be reframed within the broader issue of gender inequity. Yes, people, I assume it is no surprise that our patriarchal society has once again stolen the spotlight.

The strong correlation between societal oppression and the way girls are being raised demonstrates FGM will continue to be embraced and practiced among future generations. Unless strict policies are implemented in countries and women are empowered by education and reasonable income.

It’ll take a family, a community, and a government to stop the suffering of these young hearts; however, you can help disperse this dark cloud hovering over the future of these girls. Speak up, show zero tolerance, and spread awareness. Choose to care instead of letting ignorance be your temporary escape.

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