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Making SAT Accessible!

Hey everyone!

Today I am here with a few suggestions to make your studying a bit easier. I know it can be very difficult to go for things that seem too big. Taking BIG tests like the SAT can seem intimidating. I also find that the access opportunity gap is a big factor in your results. However, we are not giving up right?

So here are some of the resources that I am using which might be of help.

Not a typical blog but if you're dreaming of studying abroad with a scholarship, I hope these will touch your life!

Here are the sources:

Khan academy: One of the most helpful and completely free websites out there:

College Board: They have free practice tests:

Blue Book exams (visible once you download the app)

Youtube Channels (here are the ones I love most!):

Don't be discourgaed if you don't have as many resources as the rest. We can do it!

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